Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mission Farewell


My, oh, my!  This is the first Blogger post that I've ever written and is prolly the same post that has been written by hundreds of other people as their first post in Blogger.

Well, I just finished catching up with friends and family after I gave my talk about repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  That was the first talk in years where I didn't feel like I prepared enough to open my mouth.  As weird as it might seem, I was even excited to give the talk when Bishop Anderson gave me the topic weeks before.  Little did I know that it's actually not as exciting when you find yourself sweating profusely in front of a couple hundred people with your voice shaking like you're yodeling at the pulpit.  Anyway, I said a little prayer right before, during sacrament, that I would be prepared to declare repentance to the congregation without being preachy or overbearing, and, with a little of my faith, He comforted me.  My speech impediment didn't disappear, but I felt the Holy Spirit manifest unto and with me that the words that I had carefully researched but hastily assembled the night before are true, and so I felt peace.

Heavenly Father really loves His children unimaginably, infinitely.  I mean, He loves this imperfect 19-year-old boy enough to give him words to utter for people much more experienced that he is.  Heavenly Father gave him awesome friends and family, in the first place.  Then His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, paid fully for his sins and only asks for a little spare change...of his heart.  What a gospel, or good news, that perfection is possible!  Heavenly Father's plan is perfect.

I definitely felt that love from God through all of you.  The Young Women's special musical number magnified that.

Speaking of the youth, I've seen what you've been doing.  I heard that they have been inviting everyone to come to activities, and one young woman even told me that all but one young woman in the ward went to Girls Camp and had personal spiritual experiences.  Keep it up!  You are far more effective missionaries than us full-time missionaries or ward missionaries!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday!  Make every day count!  Live a happy life because that's all there is to live for.  Remember to brush your teeth, and other counsels that are good for your soul.

Keep in touch!  I'll hand over the reins of my Facebook account to my family, and they will post my new addresses as I transfer from Missionary Training Center to mission field to mission field.  If you didn't know already, this Blogger post will not do my sincerity any justice in saying that I appreciate you and love you all.  Thank you for coming to my farewell today, or expressing that you wanted to.  It's been a pleasure to know/acquaint with you (:  See you in two and a week.

Sincerely and with much love,
Elder deJesus