Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello from New Joysey!!!

Dear John,

I loved the MTC and will miss my district so much.  In fact, I miss them so much right now that I could puke on the keyboard.  Nostalgia.  I miss having actual food and not fake Cap'n Crunch every day without having to clean up afterward...

But it's been great in the field.  We haven't had many investigators but we've made a ton of friends...and also blisters.  It's been a ton of work with not much results, but I'm sure that it will pick up.  Maybe God is just trying to teach us patience.

My new comp and I are exact opposites.  It's ridiculous.  But I love him.  He's a good elder.

New Joysey isn't at all different from the Philippines.  I mean, there's English signs on every store, so it's pretty similar.  Plus, it's hot, green, humid, and full of Catholics who were born Catholic and will die Catholic.

Anyway, love you all!  I'm excited to tell you my first baptism story, which should be soon.  Hopefully.

Elder deJesus

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