Sunday, September 8, 2013

August 12


With 4 minutes to write this email and counting down, here is a quick run-down of our weekly highlights.

I love exchanges.  We ate the Peruvian papas en papas or something like that, spoke Spanish, et cetera.  Hispanics are amazing.  I was the senior companion with Elder Guijarro (Elder Pebble en ingles) from Mexico City for a day, which was not as effective as it sounds, and it doesn't sound effective at all.  Pretty much it means that we got lost, and we used up 2 miles more than we were supposed to drive that day because we kept making U-turns and driving around one block at a time...if that makes sense.  Anyway, I actually got to drive/avoid crazy drivers that day.

Uhmm...This 5-year-old Hispanic girl likes to give us names.  For example, Elder Loco is my companion and I'm Elder Fish Tank....  Her family is awesome, though.  They are strong in the gospel.

We need more people like that to be involved.  Everyone has friends that they can share the gospel with; they're just too afraid to do it sometimes.  But with faith being the opposite of fear, and the knowledge of the sweetness of the fruit that Jesus Christ invites all of Heavenly Father's children to partake, what are you going to do to share the gospel?  Every member is a missionary and ambassador of Jesus Christ in thoughts, in words, and in deeds.

The work is still slow, but we are hopeful.  The Church is true, after all.  Whenever President Jeppson tells us to trust in the Lord, I always think about the Joseph Smith movie when the Prophet says, "Remember, brethren: we are not just building a temple; the Lord is building us," or something like that.

Further details are forthcoming.  Hopefully, this email will not offend any general authority, Arielle.

I love hearing about your lives!  Keep it coming.  Talk to you soon.

Elder deJesus

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