Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9


15 minutes this time!

So a few weeks ago, we were on exchanges with North Newark Spanish Walking.  I was with Elder Guijarro and we got lost a lot since it was only the second time that I had ever driven in our area.  At our last appointment, we had found what appeared to be a parking spot.  It turned out to be a driveway concealed in some underbrush and we received a fat 50-dollar ticket.

3 weeks ago, my companion and I reached the due date for paying the ticket.  We had to pay it that day.  We went to the ticket-paying place.  It closed 10 minutes before we arrived.  We found out that we can pay it online.  The library was closed due to some citywide holiday that nobody celebrated.  So we turned to Yolish, the purple frozen yogurt place with a disco ball and iPads.  When we arrived at the door, the loud radio started playing Ke$ha for us.  But we were able to pay the ticket on time.

That was the worst that our experiences have gotten here in the quiet town of Kearny, NJ.

Last week's email was called "Transfers" or something not because I was transferred, but because it was the end of the transfer period.  That's when they switch around missionaries and you might or might not be transferred to a new area.  Our apartment's beloved Elder Nuckolls was transferred to East Brunswick.  They're "threatening" to put sisters here in our area to replace us, so we might get doubled out, meaning both of us might get transferred out of our beloved area.

Uhmm...not much has been going on though.  We're trying new planning methods every day, and things turn out really well.  We don't forget to acknowledge the Lord's hand in all things, especially our planning.

My comp and I are becoming pretty good friends and unified teachers.  It's amazing how the Lord makes big things happen from small ones.

I shouldn't have taken that much time typing those first two paragraphs, nor this one.  Now I have 5 minutes :P

Lisa is now a regular church-goer, thanks to her fellowshipper, Gramma Jackie.  She is on her way to her baptism on the 22nd!  And she's down from 2 packs/day to 3 cigarettes!!!  What faith!  What repentance!  What a miracle!  Anything's possible with Heavenly Father's help!  And Betty and Roger and Alyah are progressing well in the gospel.  I can't wait for them to receive their ordinances and be able to receive the full blessings of living the fulness of the gospel!!!

Actually, not much has happened.  This week was a wreck after transfers.  We weren't able to plan for our week so we didn't accomplish much.  Preparation for anything is worth it!  Take your time to prepare!

This week should be good though.

Oh!  And the branch had a barbecue on Saturday.  And one of our less-actives had one on Sunday.  We ate a lot of food.  We are sooo chancho.  Our fridge is now full of members' pasta and various meats, including blood sausage.

Anyway, I love you all!  Keep in touch!  I love hearing about your weeks!

Elder deJesus

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