Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

This week, we taught 20 lessons, which was our goal!!!  Also, our key indicators took a dive by 10 points ):
We expect this coming week to be full of surprises.  But that will come later.
First of all, Friday was full of miracles.  We had in-zone transfers.  I've attached pictures of my companions after our lesson with one of the Chinese college students and his fellowshipper, Hno. Vallejo.  A lot of thanks to Hna. Vallejo, who cooked us a delicious Peruvian lunch!  We set a goal to contact every person who talked to us, and, like I said, miracles ensued.  We were able to find referrals for other elders.  One miracle that happened does not seem related: We were supposed to visit Bernadette at 5 but she called us before 4, right after one of our appointments.  She said that it was one of the roughest days of her life, and she was going to wheel her wheelchair into the nasty Passaic--in short, she wanted to take her life.  We felt prompted to tell her that we would be over to her place in 15 minutes.  We came and didn't teach her what we had planned before, but by the end of the lesson, she felt lifted.  One of the roughest days of her life was turned into one of the most spiritual and sacred experiences I have ever had, as selfish as that sounds.  The Holy Ghost is real!
All week, we were preparing things for the incoming elders in the newly split Harrison English Walking Area.  Yesterday, we found out that Elder Thompson was going to be transferred.  This upcoming transfer is going to be full of surprises.  I don't know who my next companion is going to be, but I'm sure that he will be as good as Elder Thompson.  I will miss him!
Also yesterday, Elder Thompson and I visited the Rowe family for the first and last time, since they live in the new Harrison area and Elder Thompson is leaving.  Eddy and Tilmeena were there with James, who is close to his baptism.  What characters those three are!  Eddy once criticized Elder Thompson for "eating like a white boy" and commented on how he, being Puerto Rican-American, was blacker than Sis. Rowe, who is Jamaican.
Well, this week has been spent preparing for this next transfer.  I'm exhausted and sick, but it's worth it.  We might have Betty baptized this weekend, so wish us luck!
And, no matter what happens, remember to keep your heads up!
Elder deJesus

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