Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21 - Transfer 2 in NJMM

Mga kababayan ko (and non-kababayans too),

This week has been spectacular!

Monday, Elder Thompson and I helped welcome the new missionaries in the Fear Buster.  We talked to a man who insisted that Jesus is black.  Dag apostasy.  We also had dinner at the Rowes for the first and last time because our area is split!  I am now in the Kearny Only English Driving Area!  No more Harrison ):

I think I already wrote that last week since we emailed after Columbus Day, which was when the Monday above happened....  I apologize; this is only the first draft.  Please do not expect quality emails.

On Tuesday, we emailed, then ate lunch, then went to the transfer conference at Short Hills.  That was the last that I saw Elder Thompson for a while.  I did unite with the Filipino elders in the mission, however, and I might include pictures.  Also included is a picture of my apartment-mates, Elders Dabell, Thompson, and Sandoval.
Now I am the companion of our new district leader, Elder Walker.

Wednesday, we began our work as a new companionship.  We visited members, Bernadette, and Betty.  Betty, along with Roger Jr., then accepted an invitation to be baptized yesterday, with the help of the Spanish elders in our apartment and Hermana German!

Thursday, we visited Bernadette again, and that time, she had her nonmember friends with her, who asked fantastic questions regarding the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  We walked a lot since it was car fast day.

On Friday, we had an opportunity to serve a member unplannedly.  It is always so enjoyable to receive these opportunities from Heavenly Father.  Also, Friday was the interview of Betty and Roger at the church.  They passed!  Then they were able to be fellowshipped by the Relief Society, who were having a dinner that night.

Saturday was our miraculous finding day.  Once, we planned to see an investigator a mile away, but later felt through the Holy Ghost to turn back.  We did instantly, and we found Angel, a young boy who is friends with one of our more solid members.  He was about to go home, and we would not have been able to find him if we had not turned around the precise moment that the Spirit prompted us to.

Sunday was filled with inspiring activities.  At church, Elder Walker and I taught our first lesson as a companionship in Gospel Principles about Eternal Marriage.  It turned out okay, despite the fact that most of the people we taught were single or divorced and we weren't even married in the first place!  But the Spirit was present and we were enabled to bear our testimonies of this Church and temple work.  Bernadette, who had family troubles in the past, said that she loved church that day.

We also attended James's baptism after church, then I baptized Betty in Spanish, with Elder Sandoval baptizing Roger into the Spanish ward.  Both of them will be in good hands!  What a remarkable experience!  You've got to try this!

Then we practiced in our four-language choir and ended the day with Bro. Roa's delicious burritos.
Til we meet again.

Elder deJesus

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