Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Betty and Roger's Baptism
Well, my new companion is Elder Walker, or Elder Caminero en espanhol, which is Spanish in portuguesa, which is Portuguese in ingles, which is English in English (I love the languages here!).  He is 22 months experienced in the mission, and Kearny Only English Driving will be his last area.  He is from the Missionary Factory, in the city of Morgan.  He is a twin and likes to spin things like the stop sign in the picture attached.  My favorite thing about him is his ability to be genuinely friendly to people when I can't.
This week, we were able to mooch a dinner from one of our less-actives on Monday.  We taught our first lesson to Diamond, who is Gramma Jackie's granddaughter.  She actually liked church on Sunday, and her cousins loved the baptism of James.  That baptism happened before Betty and Roger's.  Did I tell you that they are now baptized?  Well, they are now baptized, and I am excited to hear when Betty brings family names to the temple in six weeks.  I love her and Roger!!!  I might include their picture in this email if technology cooperates.
Tuesday, we taught Gramma Jackie's daughter the Plan of Salvation because she felt down about some family issues.  It is amazing to see how the Gospel can bring peace even to nonmembers!  She said that she felt lifted after our visit.  We also visited Bernadette, and she was not happy.  She almost dropped us!  I was also on exchanges with Elder Guijarro.  He did teach me some new Mexican phrases, such as "pinche chamaco," "no manches," y "mente cochambrosa."  Good, clean fun.
On Wednesday, we taught Betty, Roger, and Valentina with the Spanish elders in our apartment.  We informed her that they will be taking care of her from then on and assured her that she will be in good hands.  I will miss teaching her!  Also, I brought Bernadette some Ecuadorian yapingacho that I made myself, so she forgave us frankly (:
Thursday was car fast day, but we drove a lot!  We went to zone conference and learned about how to keep from crashing our cars, how to wash our cars, and how to mend a sprained ankle.  We also learned how not to simply obtain referrals, but to earn them.  We had to cancel our appointment with Bernadette then go to correlation for the first time in weeks!
Then on Friday, we taught an amazing lesson to the Chinese college student about faith and received sustenance for our mortal forms in the form of sandwiches made by Hermano Vallejo.  They were delicious and satisfying.  We taught Bernadette once more and also took her shopping.
Saturday was interesting.  I had the privilege of serving in the zone leaders' area on an exchange.  Elder Barrio and I taught a lesson with ex-Elder now-Brother Packer to a former cook, and her last-minute breakfast was out of this world!  Beans and bananas with queso fresco con jalapenos.  Ay, caramba, it was good!  We also learned more about how to survive on the streets of Newark: do not look at a GPS on your lap while driving.  That's all I'll say on the subject.  It is sufficient to say that we almost died twice.
Last of all, yesterday's stake conference was a spiritual blast.  I sang in the choir in which all men were Newark zone missionaries.  We sang in four different languages.  Then a barbershop quartet favored us with "Love at Home."  President and Sister Jeppson talked, quite a few converts to the church talked, and our branch mission leader talked about missionary work.  Two talks were about temple work, and my favorite line about this Earth life in relation to eternity was that "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spirit beings having a human experience."
Then, after lunch, we served a long-lost less-active, Sis. Hill, and her daughter.  It was a fantastic feeling to have been able to do that and see them smile.  They were offended by some missionaries many years back and told Elder Thompson and I to back off and never send anyone from the Church from her house again.  Elders Walker and Smith tried her again on our exchange and were able to set an appointment to serve her yesterday.  What a remarkable experience to teach by the Spirit one of Heavenly Father's lost lambs!
Needless to say, this past week was productive and plenty of lessons.  I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost!  I know that this Church is true!  I love you all!
Elder deJesus

 Elder Walker Spinning a Stop Sign

A Beautiful Sunrise in New Jersey

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