Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear Addressee,
Happy General Conference Weekend!  Elder Bednar is the kung fu master who knows how to use the one leaf.
A little bit more about the culture here in New Jersey:  Last weekend, when I was on exchanges with Elder Guijarro in Newark, there was a blockage in the traffic.  From inside the car, we watched a remarkable three-way merge.  The streets here are boss.  Everyone has a mutual understanding of everyone else.  Utah should be like this.
Also, people honk immediately after the lights turn green at the idling people in front.  It used to be annoying, but now I've adopted it.  Watch out, Utah.
After the end of a long day at the beginning of this week, we were driving home.  When we turned a corner, there appeared an angry middle-aged man.  He raised a fist in our direction, along with his middle finger, for ten seconds straight.  As we passed him, a long string of loud, vulgar words ensued from his lips.  We still do not know what that was all about.
Due to Conference, we ate for the second time at Sakura Japan Teriyaki and Sushi.  Real sushi is actually good!  A few days before that, we met the Kearny Strangler.  He is actually a nice guy.
So...Monday, we met with Emilce, who was having major marriage issues.  The Spanish elders from our apartment came with us so we can go into her house and give her a blessing.  Elder Sandoval, who is from Brazil/Chile, comforted her in what I can only describe as telenovela Spanish.  It was straight from TV!  He even held her hand, which is not allowed, by the way.  I feel for her though.  Husbands better take care of their wives like the Apostles and Prophet have counseled!  Things like the things that happened to Emilce should not even happen in the first place!!!  Elder Thompson and I also helped the Spanish elders move an enormous cabinet up two flights of narrow stairs for a member.
On Tuesday, we confirmed with Betty her baptismal date.  She is so ready to make that covenant with God and begin her discipleship!  Lisa may need more time, but she is progressing very rapidly.  She is doing the Stop Smoking Program this week, which means that she will need to use cinnamon-flavored mouthwash for seven days straight.  She said that it kills, but what an example of endurance she has been!
On Wednesday, we helped move some furniture into the Harrison apartment.  Our area is getting split!  Hopefully, Elder Thompson says, they won't double in some sisters.  Oh, well.  We accomplished our missionary purpose that day, which is to help others move, jokingly speaking.
Thursday was good.  Correlation was cancelled.
Friday, we talked with Ma Zhi/Lunafel Solorchis/Jerry, one of the Chinese college students.  He taught us how to teach better, and told us to use the one leaf like a kung fu master.
Saturday, we taught Marie, a new investigator and an elderly woman at a shelter.  She had been struggling with a long depression.  The gospel will certainly help her!  Teriyaki, dumplings, and sushi after General Conference was good.  We also taught the Yambas, with a lot of help from N. Yamba. in translating from English into French for his dad.
Sunday, we met with yet another new investigator, Burnadette G.  She is waaay prepared by the Lord!  We also met with Chet D.  He was also having issues in his marriage.  People!  Seriously!!!
Anyway, General Conference gave me a spiritual boost and also something to study more in depth later.
Laters, alligators.
Oh!  And I might send pictures with this email from the past.
Elder deJesus

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