Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 23

Dearest bosoms of my soul,

15 minutes.

Monday, we visited a less-active, Emilce.  One of the hardest lessons to plan for is a lesson for a less-active, especially one with a really messed-up life like Emilce.  So we didn't plan at all and decided to just rely on the Spirit for that lesson.  That lesson on Monday night was the best lesson I have ever taught.  The Spirit guided Elder Thompson and I, and we found out later in the lesson that it was the lesson that Emilce needed.  I know that Heavenly Father cares for His children through His servants.  I also had mate for the first time.  Not too shabby.  Also, we met this guy who served in our area a few years before and ended up marrying the family we were visiting.  Weird....

Tuesday, I led our area again, but with a zone leader this time.  I taught with Elder Smith and gained powerful insights that Elder Thompson and my teaching could use a lot of improvements.  He also almost slept on top of me that night.  He is a weirdo, but everyone loves him.  He even said that our 36-year-old married mother investigator is cute!  What a natural man, haha.

Wednesday.  I led the area once more, but this time with a greenie, Elder Packer.  I remember when I was that green because I still am, haha.

Thursday and Friday, we left super early to go to leadership training.  What an enormous amount of revelation rained on us those two days!  President gave us all a blessing at the end that we will recall the things that were revealed to us by the Holy Ghost and that when we applied them, miracles would happen.  They did!  This week has been fantastic!

We found 2 new investigators, both from China and studying in college here.  We met an old Romanian lady the other day and we set an appointment with a Deaf man that we hope to teach today.  We are currently teaching a single mom who wants to quit smoking, a married Hispanic mom who values her family, a 9-year-old girl who has concerns about being baptized, a half-Hispanic family that reminds me of our home in the Philippines, and other members who need strengthening in the gospel because they are so young in it.  We were prompted to give out 3 blessings to people who needed comfort and healing from God.  What a lofty responsibility from the Lord.  But even though we are weak, yet are we made strong.  Ether 12:27.  I sometimes wonder why the Lord would trust us with these souls.  We are definitely learning to come unto Him.

What a marvelous work!  If you are preparing for your mission now, use your priesthood if you have it.  Be worthy of it.  Partake of the sacrament.  Go to the temple.  If you are not preparing for your mission now, prepare for your mission.  Please!  People need your testimony no matter if you will actually leave for your mission or not.  Still prepare!  Even if other people's testimonies won't grow because of you, your testimony will, if you prepare to serve a mission.

Sorry if that didn't make sense.  We are just too excited to buy groceries from the local Walmart that I need to hurry with this email.

I love you all (which is weird since I might not know you)!  Keep in touch.

A Hungry Elder deJesus

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