Tuesday, November 19, 2013

22 Lessons

Amados Hermanos Mios,

What an exhausting but quick week!  Here's the lowdown:

Monday, we went to teach people.  Bernadette was preparing to move to Newark.  It still befuddles me why anyone would want to move to Newark, but to each his own.  She described herself as a hood rat anyway.  She'll be fine.  Or will she?  I miss her already!!!  The Central Newark elders better take care of her!

Tuesday was fun.  We went to district meeting.  After teaching Bernadette, we went home.  I walked downstairs and laid on the couch to sleep for four hours.  I was sick as a hood rat.  After waking up, I walked upstairs into our bedroom and slept for years.  It felt good, though.  And Elder Walker was productive and didn't make rockets using empty plastic bottles, a lighter, and 91% rubbing alcohol while I slept, at all.  Just kidding.  The whole apartment still smells like alcohol.  Don't try that at home.

On Wednesday, we painted another house, this time, Sis. Hill's, instead of Bro. Pepe's.  Come to think of it, those two and the Dzikowicz's were offended by perhaps the same missionary.  Before this transfer, they didn't even want to be in contact with branch members.  Please be civil when interacting with anyone, including less-active members.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to Bernadette.  We also started teaching two separate lessons at Gma. Jackie's house.  Aunt Dawn likes me!

Adam from Jersey City came with us to Ma Ji's house early on Friday mormon.  He was a boss wizard.  He practically taught the whole lesson and we were there as members just helping out.  It was a bittersweet lesson since, although the Spirit was strongly present, we dropped Ma Ji from our teaching pool.  Elder Dabell later said that this coming week will be full of new investigator miracles.  Also on Friday, we were able to find three new investigators, Dave and Ernie and Ching.  Dave had always known the missionaries in Kearny and is being prepared by the Lord well, coming from a Catholic-atheist background.  Ernie and Ching are from the Philippines and are Methodist and Catholic, respectively.  Elder Walker loves Filipinos and says that he has never met a Filipino he doesn't like.

We helped Sis. Hill paint again on Saturday.  Her house looks sellable!  Also, we attended a baptismal service for Reynaldo, a Hispanic man of 65.  We talked with Nayeli, who will be baptized by the Kearny Spanish missionaries into the Lord's Church.  She has met with the missionaries for 2 years!  We finished the day with 7 lessons!  That never happens in the English program!

On Sunday, we were met by the miracle of all the Pesanteses, Dave, Sis. Basan, Gma. Jackie, Diamond, Eddy, and other people coming to church!  Dave especially liked how different our church is from the Catholic church.  He said that our church makes sense.  The lessons were perfectly tailored for him as well!

We finished the week by teaching 22 lessons, two weeks in a row!  We overexceeded mission standards!

We got to share this scripture many times this week: Mosiah 2:43, which says, "Consider the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God."

Also, I have been praying about asking President Jeppson to transfer me into the Spanish program.

It's good to hear about things back home, especially about people enlisting in the Lord's work!  Deciding about going on a mission will definitely change your life for the better!  I know because it has changed my life already.

Elder deJesus

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