Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!

Well, hello.

The greeting on the subject line of this email may be outdated now, but whatever day it is, celebrate it!  2 Nephi 2:25.

First of all, may the people affected by typhoon Haiyan rest in peace.  Both the living and the dead can thankfully rest in peace because of what Jesus Christ has done.  The promise that the Book of Mormon makes in the introduction is that through Jesus Christ, people can find greater joy and peace both in this life and in the life to come.  What good news!  Things will work out.

I apologize if I have not responded to your emails.  We only have two hours here on these public computers, which is not enough for responding to 84 emails/preparation day!  I would prefer to write my family via email, including my extended family, and everyone else via regular paper mail.  Thank you!

This week was a blast of wind.  It went by fast but powerfully, and physical wind literally blew outside.  It was cold.  It even snowed today!

On Monday, we were able to play Settlers of Catan, expanded and timed, in our apartment.  It yielded the most stress I have ever felt in my life.

Tuesday was interviews.  I was able to talk with President and Sister Jeppson about my spiritual and physical health.  I received a priesthood blessing from him.  My mission president is going to be a general authority!  Also, we were able to go with a member to visit some families.

After interviews, Elder Dabell went with me in our area to visit an investigator and some members who I have never met before.  It was a privilege to have entered their homes and brought the Spirit into our lessons.

On Wednesday, we visited Bernadette and the Roa family.  Bernadette still has her baptismal date in her sights but is not willing to quit smoking!  She has lung problems already and she knows that the Word of Wisdom is true, but she wants to "wait for God to take the smoking away!"  AAAAHHH!!!  But the Roas' burritos were good.  Good thing they're Hispanic or they would never have fed us!

Thursday's zone training was fantastic.  We learned how to focus ourselves on praying with sincere purpose and real intent, accounting to God at the end of our day and PLEADING with him at the beginning.  My tongue in this strange, foreign English language has certainly been more loosed and inviting of the Spirit since I've started praying like that.  One example is when I went on an exchange into Elder Packer's Spanish-speaking area.  I spoke Spanish there more than any of my dreams can ever dream of dreaming a dream of speaking Spanish!  I definitely had to rely fully upon the Holy Ghost to understand anything my companion or their investigators are saying, and I am glad that I prayed with Elder Packer before we went out that His Spirit may be with us.

By the way, Spanish is not his native language and he has been on the mission field 3 months, but his Spanish was excellent!  It is a miracle to see the growth that going on a mission provides if we are prayerful!

On Friday, we taught Ma Ji with Hermano Vallejo and it was the best lesson that we have ever taught him, and there is no way that he could not have felt the Holy Ghost.  Also Hno. Vallejo's sandwiches were superb, as always.

We visited Don on Saturday!  What!!  He committed to coming to church, and....

He came to church on Sunday!  Also at church was Betty; Roger, Jr.; and Jose!  They came to the English branch because Betty had to work during the Spanish services.  But she and Roger are progressing towards the temple to be sealed together in a year!  Later, we were able to see Xin Shan, Ma Ji's roommate as well as the Roas again (no burritos though)!

But!  Saturday was full of miracles for us.  I am speaking specifically about the middle of the day, when Bernadette called us and told us that God worked things out for her living situation.  That call was followed by another call from Don, who hasn't seen missionaries in one month due to his lack of desire to progress.  Then, Elder Walker was transferred somehow to our voicemail, which said, "Miracles are happening."  We finished Saturday by watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with Brother Denning and Brother Crowell.

What a week!

Anyway, please stay in touch, all of you!  I do love you!  I just can't respond to you all at once!

Elder deJesus

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