Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sick Week

As in with an illness, not illin.

As you know, transfers were this past Tuesday.  We ended up going to visit people that Elder Dabell and Elder Sandoval were going to miss while also helping out the Harrison elders with a service project.  We drove to and fro.  We visited Dave at the hospital, a few days after they took out ten inches of his colon.  He showed us his bag.  His bag was gross.  Then we visited the Puchas from the Spanish ward.  Sis. Pucha cried that her "sons" were leaving, and hinted at adopting us as her new elders.  Then I cried in my heart as our newly washed car drove to transfer conference, never to be driven again by Kearny elders.  That was the beginning of our walking days.

That started off kind of a sad week.  Even the clouds were sad.  They cried for two days.  The sidewalk was so wet that it seeped into my shoes as we walked and didn't drive to our meetings at the church.  In our meetings at the church, we found out that we actually were given permission from an apostle to ride in the car driven by the sisters to and from meetings; we didn't need to walk in the rain....

On Thursday, I started feeling the effects of walking in the rain.  But, Thursday was fun.

First, we played in the turkey bowl.  For those of you who did not grow up in America, the turkey bowl is not a bowl, nor does it have anything to do with turkeys.  It is a game, or a few, of North American football played for fun on Thanksgiving morning.  7 zones were involved; in other words, a lot of missionaries played in the turkey bowl.  It was a blast.  The wind was also a blast.  It was already 29 degrees and the wind dipped the temperature further.

Then, Elder Walker and I were fed thrice.  At the Pepes' dinner, there was a classic Portuguese-Jersey yelling conversation sprinkled with a few profanities.  After that, we walked over to Betty's house.  The sisters were already there.  We had a good time.  Ditto for the Pesantezes.  We were able to say what we were grateful for.  I said that I was grateful for the spirit of the holidays when people's Christlike attributes are unleashed!  Everyone serves everyone, and it is a magnificent sight!

At the Pesantezes, we also had a fantastic missionary opportunity.  Bianca's boyfriend was there, and after the rounds of "I'm grateful for...," he asked a lot of questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We gave him a Book of Mormon.

Friday and Saturday were spent at the apartment sick.

Sunday, we visited the Puchas again.  Boy, they love the missionaries!  God also allowed us to start teaching lessons again.

All in all, this was a bittersweet week.

Elder deJesus

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