Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wonderful Christmas Time

Sssanta!  I know him!

Here is a picture of the Spring Garden Branch missionaries on Santa's lap.  

Also, Alex Boye and something else.  I'm running out of time so I won't even look at what I'm about to send.  But I know it will be good.

Monday, we made candy sleds at Gramma Jackie's house.  Her daughter, Aunt Dawn, commented, "I've never seen missionaries have fun before."  Then we left to practice for the upcoming Christmas fireside.  After that fireside, we moved some couches and boxed with an 11-year-old.  We won, ya tu sabes, casanova.

Tuesday, I gave a training to the missionaries about how to teach people how to pray.  Elder Walker said that he sees improvement in my teaching and training from the first weeks we were together.  I am grateful for his compliments.  Elder Corbridge, my new district leader went on an exchange in his old area with me leading.  I learned that things do not happen when we don't make them!  We talked to 3 people that day about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We exchanged back on Wednesday and emailed since that was the only time we could.  When we visited Gma. Jackie again, one of her sisters referred herself to us!  Miracle.  We also are seeing fantastic signs that Don is improving.

Thursday, Dave is home from the hospital after 4 weeks!  They took out 10 inches of his colon and has been in a nursing home with a painful colostomy bag.  It was painful to watch them remove it and replace a new one because it was gross.  There was poop everywhere.  Now he can change it by himself at home so we might be able to teach him again.

Friday was the all-mission conference, which was a great time.  I saw people who I knew and hadn't seen since my arrival here in New Jersey, and also people who I didn't know existed.  I got to meet new people with incredible stories.  Wow, 250 missionaries in one chapel here is sorta a lot.  But they managed to feed us enough funeral potatoes.  Also, Alex Boye was there, and he gave a splendid talk about setting high expectations and getting self-esteem.

Saturday was the branch Christmas party.  The turnout wasn't as good as the chocolate cake.  But I finally met Santa!

Yesterday, we voluntarily taught Gospel Principles class about the Final Judgment of Jesus Christ.  It turned out pretty well, despite the fact that we got no time to prepare the lesson.  It reminded me about preparing talks in my home ward, or writing essays in high school and college.  As one of my good friends used to say, due tomorrow, do tomorrow.

I am excited to talk to my family on Christmas day and have a sleepover with a bunch of elders!  

Merry Christmas!!!

Elder deJesus

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