Monday, March 17, 2014

Bus Preacher


This week was a'ight.  It was sort of an extension of last week.  The reason I say that is because when we opened the area, we were surprisingly flooded by work to do: referrals, potential contacts, less-active members, etc. to visit.  This week, we just sort of continued trying to contact those people that haven't answered their phones or doors.  That is what we call "serious jukage."

One evening, we went to a scheduled appointment with one of our investigators.  We knocked on the door and no one answered.  Surprise.  He had done that before.  So we left his apartment complex and started for Springfield Ave to contact people.  As we left, he waved to us from a few yards away.  We talked to him and asked if we should still visit him that night.  He said yes.  30 minutes after contacting on Springfield, we knocked on his door again.  His brother opened the door to him eating dinner in front of the telly.  We asked, "Do you want us to come by another time?"  He said, "Perhaps."  AAAHH!!!  Juked twice within one hour by the same person!

We left his apartment complex and met a giant black man.  "How tall are you?"  "6-foot-eleven," he replied casually.  He continued, "Y'all goin' to the memorial?  My main man just died in gunfire."  "No.  What was his name?"  "I dunno.  I only know that his Crip name was Smiles."  Definitely a gang member.

The next morning, we got on the bus and were graced by the words of a bus preacher.  Her voice emanated from the front of the bus like a broken automatic pencil sharpener.  "Jesus was a black man!  I know him!  I saw him with my own eye!  He love me more than all y'all!  It says so in the Baaahble!"

Anyway, not much to report.

Love y'all.

Elder deJesus

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