Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nigerian Party and Dr. Chicken Shack


Below are a picture of my beloved family, the Basanteses at Dana's baptism!!!  Next Sunday is Julian's, third from the left.  I am all teary right now, which is not a manly confession.  I love that family!  Las misioneras en Kearny are doing great.  Also below is a picture of half of our New Jersey Morristown Mission family in December (we couldn't fit all of us).

Oh!  And just so I don't forget, and with high hopes that someone will love me enough to send me something valuable, my new home address is:

10 Marshall St. apt 7B
Irvington, NJ zipcode
United States of America.

By the rubs, since someone commented on how lame and uninformative my emails are (#snarkiness), I make plain this statement: I have been privileged to open a new area with my past companion.  We were in Kearny; now we are in Irvington, New Jersey, or, in other words, the hood.  The people are nice!  They love Jesus.

What a great couple of weeks!

We were privileged to attend a Nigerian party last week.  After teaching Emmanuel, his Nigerian landlord invited us to his daughter's first birthday party.  There were a lot of kids, simultaneously-yelling Nigerian women, and good food.

Dr. Chicken Shack was one of the many sketchy chicken shacks found in the hood.  It was better than Popeyes or even KFC!

Being a companionship who opened a new area, and have served here for 3 weeks, may I brag about our two new and extremely prepared investigators who now have baptismal dates: Saffa and Clement.  Clement was a miracle of whom I will tell you next week.

Love and xoxo and stuff,

Elder de. Jesus

Basantes Family

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