Monday, July 28, 2014

Take in Five


5 minutes.  Improv, improv....  Let's see....

First, right before district meeting, Mom's friends and Sister Horning delivered a package for me.  They are magnificent.

Next, I went on exchange in Spanish with Elder Sumsion.

On Saturday, Elder Hunt and I used his mom's $50 gift card to eat big and contact at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Mmm....  Stuffed mushrooms and Mexican corn cob.  And our waitress's name was Selena, but not Gomez.  She took our number.  Hoo-rah.

This morning, we DROVE to Morristown to drop off the departing missionaries.  Then Elder Spack-daddy and I DROVE to bowling, where we were treated by the Haleys.  Then we ate at Wendy's.

We are waaay more than out of miles.  We have to drive all the way back to Morristown later today.  Darn departing missionaries!  But on the way back from there to emailing, however, Elder Spackman and I drove to Newark and talked with the elders there.  Then we drove through Irvington.  Oh, how I miss the hood and their stoops.

I'm starting to get the hang of this whole district leader thing.  At first it was stressful.  Now I'm stressed, but with love!  I love Elder Hunt, Hermana Schwendiman, Hermana Jarman, Elder Sumsion, and Elder Lopez so flippin much!  They are good missionaries.  You know what else is good?  Mangoes.  Mango Hi-chews are the best.  Grape is fine, however.  Rob the Freemason ate most of the grape ones.  Hi-chews well replace brushing your teeth this morning and talking to the mission president and his wife with morning breath.  Wanna know what's not fine?  Steak.  The best steaks are the thicker steaks.  I've been in the Scotch Plains Stake for my entire mission so far.  Thick is the opposite of fine.  Relatively sound logic for 30 seconds left.  You know what else is thick?  My love for my district.  They are fabulous.

And I love you too, with a love that has unmeasurable girth.  Girthy love.  Pictures next time.

Elder deJesus

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