Monday, October 20, 2014

Twelve Days

Hey all you people,

We saw Elder Traasdahl twelve days in a row.  The streak was broken two days ago ):

We baptized Samantha yesterday.  Next week is her confirmation.  I performed a musical number on the ukulele with Sister Shaw.  Elder Rodriguez showed a great video.  

I still went on 3 exchanges this week.  How do sister training leaders do it?

The zone leaders don't like me.

We're gonna eat Filipino food now, thanks to Elder Cuyan.

Elder deJesus

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Elder Cuyan, the Filipino in the zone, is taking on the culture really well.  He says "Yop" a lot.  It comes from a Kid Cudi song.

Here's some stats about this past week: I was on exchange for half the week in an attempt to allow Elder Rodriguez to run the area and for me to not take over the area.  He did well, I did well.  We will see Elder Traasdahl 10 days in a row.  Two exchanges, an emergency sleepover, Ultimate Frisbee, helping someone move, going to the skate park, another exchange, and district meeting.  Cache ($) T. Hompson, my trainer, called once yesterday, while a Perth Amboy Ward member fed us twice.  I did 7 ollies in one day yesterday.  Elder Rodriguez and I were introduced to a new "AromaTouch therapy" that uses one (1) bunch of aromatic oils.  It was relaxing and helped with the many things plaguing my mind.  Elder Rodriguez and I spent nine hours in the church on Sunday.  #TransferPlanning  There was also one chapel open house that 4 people came to.  

We finally saw the Heidlers and will be playing one game of basketball with Brian today.  Samantha will be baptized in five days.  Darryl "Johnny" Carteciano will go home from his mission in ten days.

I love you all.

Elder deJesus

P.S. Cactus...

...pep bacon...

...and the Dr. Chicken Shack.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Penultimate Generao Conferao


    So, listen, this happens to ereone, but I got into a little kadesh with the zone leaders, and I was waaay out of line.  I've been a flip to everyone.

    But the General Conference addresses called me to repentance.  I hate pride.  Filipinos, man.  They got a lot of it.  Except everyone but me.  I may or may not have cried during conference because it was all so relevant.

     But hey, the rest of the week, was swag off the heezy.  E-Rod and I went on two exchanges.  We are getting this area up and running!  We still taught 20 lessons even if everyone was sick.  Like Ruth of the Old Testament, we gleaned lessons from people at church in between sessions of conference.  I even taught two in Spanish!  Then we talked about cui.

     We also saw the new Meet the Mormons movie.  It was phat.  There are six parts in it, and at least once, each part showed an airplane.  My buddy, Elder Fage, got trunky, and now I want to be in the Air Force as a flight surgeon.  That man talks about planes like they're his girlfriend.

     This was my next-to-last General Conference on my mission ):

Love,Elder deJesus