Monday, January 26, 2015


What's a goin, guy?
Here is a list of all our activities this week without pictures:
1. We hunted for apartments.  We found two and killed neither during the hunt.  One is in the middle of our area and is owned by a Filipina and a Dominicana.  They are my favorite peoples.  The other is owned by a Nigerian and provides a fridge.  I also like Nigerians.  Bowo ni!  Oruku ami ni Alagba deJesus.
1. a) We organized the area book.  I can be a professional mapmaker!

2. Our zone had a white elephant Christmas.  But no white elephants showed up....

3. I visited members from Kearny!  Except for the Basanteses....  Betty was in New York and has not been to church since I moved here ):

4. We Skyped home for Christmas.  I got homesick.
5. We received news that Spring Garden Branch will be better now!  The Saunderses (the senior missionary couple) received callings in the branch as the Relief Society President and the Young Men's President, both callings that urgently needed to be filled.
6. I am homesick.
Elder deJesus

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