Monday, January 26, 2015


I guess....  My emails make no sense ):
Anyways, bahartha juwambwe kiji-kiji 2015 mandwek.  Happy 2015, the year Marty McFly went to in the future!  Hooray for hoverboards!
So this week, we celebrated the new year by dranking holiday drank and going to bed at 10:30:00 pm EST.  It was the bee's knees.
Sis. Margaret just got her temple recommend!  And so did a less-active investigator, Bro. Brannon, without help from us!  Things are looking up for Spring Garden Branch!
We gave Brother Bishop Brown to the Irvington elders and told him we can't receive revelation for him because we're not his missionaries.  He asked if he could move into our branch boundaries because he likes our branch.  Then he asked for money.  So we declined.
Today, we're playing indoor soccer with Max and going to Dr. Chicken Shack.  Then we're going to teach a lesson with Brother President Elder Doctor Thomas, who pretends to be the mission president.  We will teach from only the Bible.  It's part of his "pilot program."  I love that guy.
That pretty much summed up our week.
By the way, I made up that "bahartha" junk.
Elder deJesus

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