Sunday, May 24, 2015

Apr 13, 2015 - Happy National Poetry Month!

Freestyle this poem
Watched jazz,
      pepperoni with cheese

Freeze-dried pouches,
   frozen entrees,
     fried tortillas,
      one dollar.

Weather warmer.  People out.
French family confirmed in French.
Fufu up the heezy.  Honey on chicken.

Guitar class
    ASL class
        English class
             Church, investigator bears testimony

Transfers.  Where to?  Where to?
Transfers.  Goodbyes.  Embraces.                      Car.  Tears.
Transfers.  Bye, Newark = 
                         Bye, traffic.
                        Bye, gangs.
                         Bye, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia.
                        Bye, Spring Garden!
                         Bye, comp.

Elder deJesus

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