Sunday, May 24, 2015

Apr 6, 2015 - General Easter


The subject box refers not to a militant general with an odd surname, but to the past weekend holiday that was general, and a sort of portmanteau of General Conference and Easter.

Elder Johnson and I now have the privilege of teaching 18 investigators.  I am very pleased to see his eyes glow when we count our blessings and miracles that happen in our missions.

General Conference was interesting.  They talked mainly about marriage and family, pride and hypocrisy, and the last days.  The talks emphasized in my heart the stupidity of divorce when not founded upon spousal or child abuse.  There are many that I taught in Kearny last year who talked with me, mentioning that they are considering such a hasty and selfish act for their children.  They agreed that it's stupid.  Things can be worked out!

Robert and Sis. Dore should be confirmed this coming week.

Below are pictures of an in-between Conference meal, a returned sister missionary from Newark from 18 years ago, and Elder Johnson and I.



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