Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mar 23, 2015 - Food Poisoning


Well, all week was a medical disaster.  Since we are the chauffeurs for the Ironbound Spanish elders, we drove them to various doctor's appointments that turned out to be vain.  Elder Marquez was driven from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to obtain a tightly monitored drug equivalent to methamphetamine, aderol.  Many pharmacists ended up giving all of us suspicious looks.  But we finally worked it out.

We went to an eight-hour leadership conference where we were fed pulled pork and potato salad.  The potato salad was a lot like a cannonball.  It went right through us.  For two days, Elder Johnson and I slowed down the work in order for our bodies to adjust.  We napped for a part of the day, then went back out to work.  Much Gatorade and apple juice was consumed.

Then we ate some week-old couscous from the refrigerator.  We were also fed some delicious African food.

We should be baptizing two people (in French) next week!  Please pray for Marie and Robert.  We also found eight new people to teach.  Despite the medical disaster, we had a good week.  God works miracles.


Elder deJesus

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