Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mar 9, 2015 - Sister deJesus

You are hereby going on a mission and stuff to, like, the Philippines and stuff.  Woohoo!!!  My sister just got her mission call to the Philippines!

Transfers just happened.  I stayed as a missionary in Newark's Spring Garden Branch and as Elder Johnson's trainer.  Here's what he's experiencing, his first impression of New Jersey:

Once, we entered an elite chicken shack.  The perimeters allowed only five people to enjoy loitering in the humid, greasy air.  The rest of the restaurant housed the dirty kitchen, surrounded by cheap, seemingly bulletproof plexiglass.  As we awaited our order, the line of impatient customers acted as slave-owners, yelling, "Where my food is at?!  I'm hungry!"  Recognizing us as foreigners, they handed us compliments such as, "What these mutha--- doin here??  They don't belong here."  We were approached by a schizophrenic man, foaming at the mouth.  He said, "Them thirteen-, fourteen-, fifteen-year-olds and they mutha--- principal!  I had my first kiss in high school!  Mutha---!"  We left, content.

Also, I got to participate in a miracle.  His name is Mike.  He left for boot camp before we finished all the lessons, and I was also transferred away so I didn't know what happened to him.  I worried since his parents are anti.  When I called the bishop in my last area, he told me that Mike was baptized in boot camp.  A couple of weeks later, he went to the temple and received the priesthood.  As a missionary, you are in the front row to people's salvation.

I'm going to the temple in two weeks!


Elder deJesus

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