Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Mother

To whom it may concern, Esq.,

President Taggart may be sending me home early.  I'm proud of it.  The reason is that my sister is Sister deJesus reporting to the Philippines mission a day before I was scheduled to go home.  So I'm still worthy but going home early!

iPads are coming soon, much like the mission has reported for years now.  But we're receiving training on using them this week.  We can teach people here with people on Skype; you can help teach the gospel remotely!  I'd love to add you all on Facebook to help teach people here.

We went to a Bible study group and a Messianic Jew church service the other day.  I do not understand why people confess their sins in Bible study or why the Messianic Jews don't consider the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as part of their church.

Jaden is en route to baptism; Jana is not....  We'll work on it.

I Skyped my mom yesterday.  I love that woman, and you should too.

Ja vim ze Buh je, a ze vas zna, a ze vas miluje.


Elder deJesus

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