Thursday, June 25, 2015

Checked Out


Well, I've pretty much checked out.  Forget that last email that said that I'm not trunky.  Going home, baby!

Just kidding.  Well, half-kidding.  I worked as hard as our new technological responsibilities permitted.  For example, we were expected to laboriously transcribe most of the paper teaching records from past missionaries (the area book) into our new electronic record book (the Area Book Planner app) in our iPads.  We spent much of our backup proselyting time in places with wifi hotspots, such as libraries and coffee shops.  We were to do so before Saturday, and we barely met the deadline.  We have more to transcribe too, so we expect to take some more time in libraries transcribing records this coming week.

The sort of downtime from missionary work caused me to seriously reflect on what kinds of things I should do when I return.  I planned activities and a schedule that will permit me to accomplish these activities.  They cover topics such as my physical and dental health, education, career and finance, spiritual studies, marriage and family, and hobbies.  I just don't wanna be a less-active member of the Church or throw away any minute of my life.

Anyway, kinda a boring week and a boring email.  But the Gomezes are progressing!  I love that family.  I'm sure that Jayden will eventually go on a mission.  And we found Elizabeth and her family.  They are so excited to be baptized!  And I'm going back to school!

Elder deJesus

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