Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Stake Temple Trip

Oh, hey,

Jayden was confirmed yesterday.  He is so excited.  We have taught him one of five new-member lessons so far.  His parents are on their way to receive callings in the ward.  They seem eager to participate in the ward, as we observed in Gospel Doctrine class.

On Saturday, Elder Taylor and I were able to help with the Caldwell Stake temple trip.  One of the brothers was in a wheelchair.  He used to be a safety on the Indianapolis Colts football team and is a very large man.  His career ended when he suffered a stroke that disabled him to walk; his whole left side is paralyzed and he has stayed in his wheelchair for four years now.

At the Manhattan Temple, we helped this brother out of his wheelchair to change into appropriate baptistry clothing.  We wheeled him into the baptismal room in the temple and guided him up several steps leading to the font.  Then we lowered him into the font and watched as he performed baptisms for his ancestors.  Tears diluted the chlorinated water of the font as the faith of this brother emanated into the souls of everyone watching.  The past two weekends have been powerful witnesses to me that the missionary work that our Church engages in is from God.

Well, things be jiggy.  Oh, and we got hatdwogs from the corner after the temple trip.

Stay classy,
Elder deJesus

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