Monday, June 15, 2015

Past Three Weeks, Next Three Weeks


I got 5 minutes left.  

I will miss Jew Nersey.  I will miss even this white man's town; there are a few things that keep me sane.  For example, in front of the library, we encounter the most peculiar people, one of which sports a veiny abdominal protrusion that she said was caused by a radiation ball from an emergency helicopter that hit her during childbirth in the military.  She attempted to cut it out using a dull and rusty scalpel, but her abdominal muscles proved tougher than the blade, so she shaved her head.  Another person graced us with comments such as, "I'm not Chinese; I'm Colombian!" when asked if he has ever heard of the Mormon missionaries.  We taught him the first lesson.

The only productive thing I remember us doing this week with two minutes left was that I rearranged my schedule for college and looked at a few scholarships and other checklist items.  Also, we found 9 new investigators total these past two weeks.  Other than that,

Please rest assured,
I'm Not Trunky

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