Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One-month Accomplishments

1 month home from the mission.  These are the boring stats as they slough from my brain:

9 job interviews; 3 job offers.  3 more interviews set up.
5 family home evenings participated in.
4 dates: 2 with the same girl, 1 with another girl's family.
1 email to my sister on her mission in the Philippines.
5 times entered the temple.
8 medical appointments to general physician, dentist, and ENT doctor.
5 movies watched, plus 3 episodes of BBC's Sherlock.  Dull.  Boring.  Catch...you...later.
2 sessions of Institute attended; 3 church services for young single adults, 8 services in total.
7 Church leader talks read.  2 watched.
1 teaching appointment with English elders.  More to come with Spanish as well.
3 ukulele lessons taught.  2 songs learned.
1 wedding attended.  Good friend.  Was.  Disgusting.
Gas pumped 2 times.
4 packets of Filipino Ramen prepared and consumed with chopsticks.
Almost 44 eggs eaten for breakfast, 89% sunny side up.
2 trips to Cafe Rio, 4 to McDonald's, 1 to Wendy's.
7 Filipino get-togethers with Filipino food.
11 new people met outside of my family who speak Tagalog.
1 YouTube video uploaded.
12+ hours in three-day segments of job-search seminars attended.
~20 posts on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn; 2 serious posts.
2 decent pictures.
$308.40 spent on textbooks.
3 batches of sauerkraut pending.
1 haircut not had.
1 windshield wiper blade replaced, out of 2.
2 more languages initiated on Duolingo.
2 blog posts.
0 personal items needing replacement since mission, i.e. deodorant, gel, cologne, &c.
4 resumes created, 2 cover letters.
70+ words per minute typing.
27 days until Fall 2015.  I'd better have a job by then, maybe a girl too.
1 brain fried from sleep deprivation.
Infinite more projects that I need and want to work on.  Not enough human time for planning or execution.
33 useless statements in this blog post.

Russell deJesus