Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Spring Garden. Ohp, there goes Gravity!

I'm back in ya boi, Spring Garden Branch, and we finally went to church (last week was stake conference).  Church was crazy as usual.  We started the day by witnessing a crazy Dominican lady slumped over the piano in the chapel before services started.  She was breathing heavily.  I tried talking to her in Portuguese, wondering what was wrong (she was reading a Portuguese hymnbook at the time).  She said she was Brazilian.  Then she screamed.  I seriously thought she was gonna go all Exorcist on us, climbing up the walls of the chapel backwards.  We found out later that she was drunk and may be schizophrenic.
Then Elder Schrader and I ran around in the church, running errands for the branch council.  Two of our recent converts taught the lessons in the classes!  Bro. Pepe from Kearny came to church.
Branch council took 2 hours and accomplished 0 things.
Then we ate ceviche and empanadas and everything was alright.
Elder deJesus

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