Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dear fa ily a d f iends,
New Jersey Morristown Mission was privileged to welcome Elder Lowell Tom Perry from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife (President Jeppson's first cousin) into the Morristown chapel for an emergency all-mission conference yesterday.  I had the privilege of attempting to wrap my arms around that man's torso and failing; he is huge!  A giant both physically and spiritually.  When they entered the chapel with our mission president and his wife and a general authority, everyone stood up in respect and the Holy Spirit immediately filled the room.  He gave a couple of fist bumps and proceeded to the stand.  Each missionary received an opportunity to shake their hands.  I hugged him.  I'm never washing my right hand and clothes again.  I'm afraid that the traces of Priesthood that my clothes and hand have acquired on contact with Elder and Sister Perry might wash out.
Oh!  Speaking of emergencies, I don't know if I wrote about our apartment building burning.  Two weeks ago, the apartment two floors below us started emitting smoke.  No one saw it at first.  We just heard sirens, which are common here in Irvington.  Then I noticed through the kitchen window the fire engines headed toward our building.  The dumb alarms sounded and before long, were headed down the stairs only to be told by some cop to "Go use the other set of stairs or something."  Before doing that, however, he opened the 5th floor door for those firefighters to haul up some sort of thick hose.  Thick smoke ignorantly billowed out of the door, ruining that morning, so we nonchalantly walked down the other set of stairs to watch the building burn from outside.  We got bored and headed to the library, which was more exciting than our burning building.  Thankfully, the fire only affected that apartment on the fifth floor and no one was harmed, especially our Pop Tarts and breakfast that I was about to eat before we were naively evacuated.

Well, things here are getting monotonous.  Elder Walker and I are figuring out what more we can do to make this area that we opened more exciting and fulfilling for both us and the missionaries after us.  As a mission, as I've said before, we have set a goal to contact 10 people on the street per day, and to invite 1 person to be baptized per day.  Doing so, and sometimes exceeding, the goal does not satisfy us anymore.  What more can we do to make our missions more meaningful and exciting here??
Uhmm....  Packages.  Yes.  We have 2 boxes' worth of packages in our apartment now!  Now our bodies can actually receive sustenance.  Happy Easter!  We four Irvington elders also got fed by Bishop and Sister Klusey on Easter, which was a miracle!  Neither Irvington areas have active members to feed us, but the Kluseys volunteered last-minute.  They are awesome!
I can't think of anything else....  Saffa is now not progressing because of his two new jobs and family.  If only he didn't have two jobs and a family!  We haven't heard from Clement since last transfer.  Emmanuel is the closest investigator to progressing, and he doesn't even do things to show his faith!  What?!  All of our other investigators have been taught once and just got busy with their lives or something.  If only they didn't have lives!  Missionary work would be tons easier.
Oh well,

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