Monday, June 9, 2014



A lesson for the charitable-hearted: The sweetest grandma in our ward, Gramma Worschinski, contracted bronchitis last week and shared it with her family.  Elder Camper and I rushed to her aid and administered the sacrament and a blessing for the sick and afflicted.  We came home feeling good and charitable.

Elder Camper woke up feeling sinus-clogged and in pain.   A couple of days ago, I contracted the same illness.  Brethren, I have bronchitis.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

Anyway, the Work has been hindered.  We helped the ward's favorite family move their belongings into a large trailer.  We coughed over the phone to set appointments for next week (we did teach a lesson over the phone and now have a new investigator).  We watched, like, every Church movie there is, twice.  I studied for hours for the training I'm going to give tomorrow.  We hibernated all week, everyday.  We also went to our meetings yesterday morning and spread the disease.  Now the whole ward council will become zombies.

I am crying not because of the Spirit of God, but I am sneezing so much.  I can't even type wrighte.  wahtverr

I love you all.

Elder deJesus

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