Monday, February 10, 2014



10 minutes.

If you're confused why you're getting this email from a Filipino, I finally added you to my weekly email updates because I think that I promised that I would....  If you don't want them, let me know in the subject line!  Thanks! week is transfers, and I don't want to leave my first area!!!  I've been here 5 transfers and I've known and loved these people for so long.  And Elder Walker is the bomb, is tight, dope, and swag, and the best district leader and companion I have ever had.

On Tuesday last week, I went on the most productive exchange in what used to be part of my area, Harrison, NJ.  Ever since it was split from Kearny/Harrison, there was just barely any work to do there.  All the elders did was pray, knock, and street contact.  That is what we did on Tuesday, and voila, miracles.  We met a lady who was actually willing to talk to us about her dog and gave Elder Anding the run-down of how to find Christians looking for the truth in Harrison.  Then we knocked into a family of 5 people who were "looking for some sort of Christian teachers" since the mom was pretty much bedridden, and we found a referral for the Portuguese elders, among other miracles.

Yesterday, in my own area, we talked to a lady on the bus about things other than the gospel and gave her a card before she got off.  Then a man who was getting off at the same stop as the lady asked us if he could have a card as well.  That never happens here unless they are Hispanic, which that man was not.  Also, when we checked for a potential investigator on Schuyler, a different man told us that Paul had moved a couple years ago but "I'm interested in learning about your religion; here's my number."

Oh!  And we moved a family of gypsies too!  One of them has Tourette's Syndrome and is a deacon for a church.  He wants to teach me Gypsy.

And Don and Jack the Chinese man are progressing.

We also taught President Mitchell, Sister Mitchell, and Miriam and Svetlana.  Best lesson ever.  Sis. Mitchell said, "That was just what we needed to hear."

Other than that, we just shoveled and pushed people's cars out of the snow and freezing-rained-on snow, or, in other words, ice.  Now I'm yoked, or, in other words, swoll.

I love this Church and God!  And I love you, random citizen.

Elder deJesus

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