Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gaah. First New Area.


7 minutes.

Yesterday was transfers!  I finally get to leave Kearny, which is the suburbs of Newark, which is the hood.  I was sent to the sparkling Irvington North Walking, which is the extension of the hood.  And, surprise, I stayed with Elder Walker!

The reason that that is interesting is the he, as my third companion in Kearny, was doubled out with me.  All week was spent [15 additional minutes on this computer] preparing the area book and the apartment for sisters, as well as trying to keep it a secret from our zone that the second set of sisters are finally coming into the Newark Zone.

As we were doing that, a few thoughts garnished my mind: that I only knew Elder Walker for 6 weeks, I have known Kearny for 7 months, the apartment is not worthy for sisters to live in, and they need appointments set for their first week so they can have a good head start to working the area.  As I thought these things, I bawled like a baboon!

Yesterday, we found out that we were going to be doubled into Irvington North Walking, and they just don't usually do that.  They don't usually double a companionship out of their area and then transplanted into another.  But they did for us, and we are so happy!!!  Irvington!  Hud lyfe 4 lyfe.  Goodbye, Peruvians and Ecuadorians in Kearny.  Hello, Haitian food and Elizabeth Zone!

Anyway, we found out on Sunday night that one of our many members who have difficulties with the branch presidency told us about his marital problems that we weren't aware of before. Monday morning, we met with him at Vicente's and talked.  We went in knowing that the only things we can teach him is the gospel of Jesus Christ and we cannot be involved with marital issues.  It was a nerve-racking idea.  But it was the most spiritual lesson that we have ever taught.  The Spirit truly did all the teaching.  He told us that he knew what he had to do but had been denying it.  We bore testimony to him that the best way to fix any problems was to follow the personal promptings that he has received.  Many tears were shed.

I do love this work and I am excited to establish God's kingdom in Irvington!

Elder deJesus

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