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August 26

Holas a ustedes, ay ay ay!

In order to lessen the lousiness of the previous emails, I will repent by reserving 30 minutes for this email and updating you on the past couple of weeks.

Just as a background: It's sunny/rainy.  I'm hearing all sorts of languages and eating two sorts of food.  My comp and I are getting along.  The interview with President and Sister Jeppson went well.  The area book is organized.  More people came to church yesterday than any Sunday that I've been here.  The work is progressing.

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of extending our first two baptismal dates for Lisa and Sean.  Lisa is a single mom in her late 40s and has recently lost her job and is in the process of losing her apartment.  She had been visited by missionaries before and had a baptismal date, but that fell through.  After months of job-finding with no fruition, she decided to meet again with the missionaries, and has attended church twice already, read her assigned Book of Mormon readings, and accepted an invitation to be baptized in two weeks.  We might have to extend that due to some circumstances.  Sean is a self-proclaimed atheist in college.  He plays Quidditch on the weekends and is struggling with the concept of faith.  We haven't seen Lisa or Sean this past week and we could tell that the adversary is working really hard on people who are close to setting a major milestone toward their salvation through Jesus Christ.  But we also know that the Lord will not let His children be led astray.  His work is progressing, no matter what the devil does!

We recently found a new investigator who lives on our street.  Her name is Marina From Brazil.  She was being prepared so well by the Lord.  She used to be Catholic and has often wondered why there aren't any prophets anymore or how only Jerusalem had the gospel but not the rest of the world.  Then BOOM!  We showed her the Book of Mormon and she accepted an invitation to be baptized.  We are so excited for her!

We visited the Pesantez family with the Spanish elders again.  Their house reminds me of mine in the Philippines.  There is a grandma who takes care of the kids while the parents are working.  Her name is Sis. Bazaan and she says the most ridiculous things in Spanish.  She teaches us little Spanish phrases like "Dale chevoz, Elders," then folds her arms and purses her lips.  She is a funny lady.  I also had the pleasure of laying my hands on her head to assist in blessing her in her current troubles.  I've had that opportunity again when a young man from the branch wanted me to bless him when he was sick.

The members here are waaay different from members in Utah.  Come to think of it, the members here are different from other members here.  It's so diverse in New Jersey!  It's hard to describe in one sentence how the food is, how the weather is, or how dirty the roads are because it just depends on where you are!  I love it!  Generally, though, the members here are amazing, and I'll leave it at that.

Oh!  And we also got a flat tire so we had the privilege of driving to (aka getting lost in) Jersey City, first at one end of the city and then to the other because the first store didn't have the tire in stock.  That flat tire cost us two mornings.  But it was good.  We found some time to find investigators in the train stations and eat at Popeye's Louisiana Cuisine while the car was being fixed.  Many of the people that we talked to during that trip and during others have been the result of Elder Thompson or Elder deJesus or other people listening to the Spirit, so listen to Him every second and make it count!

There is nothing that will stop this work from progressing!  God lives and loves His children.  These are the last days, or the last chance that people will have to experience earth life before our Savior comes again.  Make the best of it, listen to the Spirit, and invite others to come unto Christ.

And let me know how you're doing!!!  Thank you all for your prayers.  I have been strengthened and encouraged by them.


Elder deJesus

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