Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16

Los Elderes y Hermanas, or Soon-to-bes, or Have-beens, et cetera,

This week has been exquisite in the work of the Lord.

Monday: We visited two new investigators: Dennis and Michael/Kevin.  They are Irish brothers, which explains why Dennis was a little buzzed that night.  Thankfully, Michael/Kevin was sober.  Both were pretty smart and liked to read.  I finally placed my Book of Mormon from Stake Mission Prep class with my testimony inside since we didn't have one for both of them.  They are prepared to receive the gospel and have been reading since.

Tuesday: The morning started getting colder, which makes for good running on the high school track.  We taught the Word of Wisdom to Lisa at Gramma Jackie's, which went well despite the legions of children Gramma Jackie adopts each week from the streets into her progressively crowded house because of her blessed Christlike heart.  There are seriously new people she screams at for being loud every time we visit her house.  Lisa's commitment to learn from the missionaries is slowly reactivating Gramma Jackie.

El dia de cuandos: We mowed the Pesantez family's lawn-forest.  There was dog poop all over the concrete, so we stepped onto the lawn, which, surprisingly, also had dog poop hidden amongst the tall grass.  We returned Sis. Teagno's electric lawn mower and taught her a lesson.  Her friend, Lynn, in New York was a solid investigator who missed her baptismal date due to some issues with the Word of Wisdom.  Lynn is an active non-baptized latter-day saint to this day (she has an assignment in Sunday school even though she is not officially a member).  She enjoys the blessings of the church because Sis. Teagno referred her to the missionaries in New York.

Thor's day (car fast day): We planned for the whole week.  Then we visited Sis. Roa with Carmine and ate spectacular burgers and this wheel pasta butter dish stuff.  We are encouraging both of them and their families to do their own missionary work and to become self-sufficient in the gospel.

El dia de fritar/Friday the 13th: We found a new investigator, Ma Zhi, or Lunafel Solorchis, or Jerry.  He is an atheist with a Christian Chinese mother.  He was very interested in the Plan of Salvation of the Mormons.  We taught him with Hermano Vallejo.  Oh.  And my companero for that dia was Elder Sandoval, a Brazilian-Chileno from Texas who speaks 3 languages.  He taught really well in English despite his complaints that his English was not good enough.  We taught Betty, Roger Jr., and his brother (what was his name?) and his brother's friend, Raoul in Spanish/English, not Spanglish.  Hispanics talk a lot, so we came home late as a result, with Brazilian flan.  Betty is awesome!

Saturday, we moved the Medinas in the morning.  I took a picture with Jesus Medina.  I'll figure out the picture situation later on....  Sorry!  We helped teach about the church at the open house without proselyting, which was hard since that's what missionaries do.

At church on Sundae, we were combined with the Portuguese branch just for that day because of the dedication.  Beautiful testimonies and beautiful talks were given by the power of the Holy Ghost.  We visited the Hernandez family and encouraged them to do missionary work.  Ju-ju was hyper and kept yelling, "Thomas.  Choo-choo!!!" as he played with his toy truck.  We went to the dedication of the Newark church and listened to the choir singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  The dedication and last hymn were sources of inspiration never to be forgotten.  What a beautiful church we have!  Like President Ure said in the dedication prayer, we are the church.

Keep in touch!  Love you all!  I love hearing about your weeks!

Elder deJesus

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