Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Temple Trip (Manhattan)

Okay Dokay.

       It's almost Christmas.  You can feel the Spirit of Christmas so thickly when you walk down the streets of Kearny.  Elder Walker is feeling better.  This past week was a miracle.  Pretty much, without finding people through our own efforts, people found us.  Things are looking up!

We found someone by miracle last Wednesday, or rather, he found us.  He called in the morning and said, "My name is so-and-so, here is my address, can you come by at 3?"  He was an excommunicated member who wants to come back into the Church so he can feel clean again, after years of drug use.  We said that we would love to help him out.  He told us to visit him every day.  This is what I love about the Work; people willing to change helps me to want to change more!

Something I didn't understand: it snowed a lot on Saturday night, but the roads were clear on Sunday morning.  Yet they cancelled church in most of North Jersey that morning.  Why??  Our congregation, the English Spring Garden Branch, ended up cancelling just the classes and combined sacrament meeting with the Spanish Newark Ward.  It turned out to be a good meeting.  We had a testimony meeting instead, and I realized how strong the members really are, despite complaints by a lot of us missionaries.

Translation was necessary in the testimony meeting.  At one point, an African member of the English branch got up to the pulpit to bear his testimony of this Church in French.  Another member translated French into English, and another member translated English with a thick French accent into Spanish.  Although there was a language barrier, the Spirit was strong as he testified that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today and that Jesus Christ lives!

Also last week, we went to Morristown, or Morris City, or the Township of Morris, to have breakfast with the mission president and his wife as a zone.  We read out of the Bible how Mary was a chosen vessel of the Lord, and how much trust God gave her to raise the Son of God.  What an incredible woman!

Last Tuesday, we reunited as a zone to ride the PATH train to Manhattan.  We walked to the temple, taking pictures on the way, and eating street food.  It wasn't as good as they say.  And they say it's pretty bad.  But we were able to focus on the endowments inside because we weren't hungry.

That.  Temple.  Video.  I can't stop thinking about it!  Eve is my hero.  It's mind-boggling to know that Jesus Christ created all of this for us!  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His true and living Church on the earth because we have prophets!

Anyway, I've been thinking.  I might be transferred in two weeks.  I will miss Kearny, NJ.  I love the people here too much!!!

Merry Christmas.

Elder deJesus

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