Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wonderful Christmas Time (part two)

Amigos y Familia,

La navidad fue muy increible!  Bien chevre indeed.

I will have to go fast because today, I have only 10 minutes left.

Monday: we went Christmas shopping with the Central Newark elders for preparation day in Penn Station.  Then we taught a lesson and a game at Gramma Jackie's for family home evening.

On Tuesday, we had a zone Christmas party, in which the Hendricksons fed us deliciously.  Then we all played the shortest game of Mafia I have ever played.  We killed all 4 of the Mafia in 3 turns, as well as one detective.  Also, we played "In the Manner of the Adverb" game.  Dave told us to come by again, so we did.  Poor guy.  He still has the colostomy bag for two more weeks.

On Christmas morning, we opened presents with the Harrison elders, Elders Comish and Anding, who had slept over the night before.  We went to the Roas and she fed us the best eggs, bacon, and French toast that has ever graced our taste buds.  Next, we walked over to the Angeleses in Harrison for some Skyping time with the family and friends.  It was so beautiful to see all of you!!!  I'm glad things are working out for everyone's lives.  The Angeleses also fed us a traditional Peruvian Christmas breakfast, including toasted cancha.  They are fantastic people.  Next, we split with the Harrison elders because we had 2 appointments at the same time.  I had the privilege of teaching Gramma Jackie's house with Elder Anding.  After that, we walked over to the Aguilars and took pictures.  We then went to the Pesantezes and took pictures, as well as some food and Danimals home.
After Christmas, we got sick and stayed home all day.

Friday was good.  We were able to visit the Artigas and teach the kids about serving their mom, our Primary president, who also recently got surgery for a tumor in her brain.

On Saturday, we taught Gramma Jackie's house and the Yambas.  We were able to see the exhausted Bro. Pepe.

Sunday was a spiritual blast.  It was the day of the Primary program.  They talked about the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They did a fantastic job singing and reading, and Sis. Sartore's daughter said one of the best prayers that the branch has ever heard.
Yesterday was when all the departing missionaries went to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, and I will talk about that more next week due to lack of time.

By the way, I love you.

Elder deJesus

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