Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interviews and Snow

Dear family and less-close family,

Je suis agreable, frere.

There were interviews on Tuesday with President and Sister Jeppson.  I love those, especially answering yes to "Elder deJesus, are you worthy?"

Repentance is the focus of our month in New Jersey Morristown Mission, and it feels so good!  It really is a positive experience.

It snowed 18 inches last week and the wind tore off our faces as we walked.

Yesterday, we participated in a French baptism.  Elder Wettstein from Switzerland translated.  Two new members of the Church of Jesus Christ have now entered into a covenant, or promise to live like Jesus Christ as a family!  What a beautiful baptism!  The Spirit of the Lord was obvious as the ordinance was performed.

This week went by fast, but I learned to count my blessings even in hard times.  In other words, there's not much going on.

Elder deJesus

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