Monday, September 22, 2014

Kababayan Ko

Da flip = Ay, naku.

I taught everyone that.  They believed me.

Hey, my new companion is Filipino.  He's from Oregon and kinda speaks Tagalog and Cebuano.  Elder Rodriguez.  We went on a billion exchanges in Newark when we were both starting our missions.  All he said there was, "Tudo bem."  Now, all he says is, "Tudo bem.  She better is."  I am so happy right now.

Nothing much newer.  We're still having sleepovers with Elder Traasdahl and Elder Berkheimer.  I miss Elder Tab McLain and Elder Lopez.  Elder Traasdahl and I are looking for an apartment in Kearny as we speak.

I challenged one of our recent converts' sisters to a rap battle.  She said yes.

Oh, yeah, Elder Rodriguez also says, "Off the yin-yang," off the yin-yang.

We're still busy.  There's too much work.

Elder deJesus

Russ Bus and Elder McLain

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