Monday, September 29, 2014



Ma boizz.  All that happened this week is missionary work.  One day, we ate some rice, then pizza, then rice, then pizza, then rice, all on separate occasions.  #ChanchoFilipinos Another day, we went to five appointments after doing service in the morning, so we proselyted in our service clothes all day.  We accidentally taught 2 lessons before 11 am the other day.  Yesterday, we ate dinner at a Filipino family's house.  They're not even in our area.  But we got our backs adjusted cuz he's a chiropractor.  I'm on a horse.

We're gonna baptize Samantha in October!  She set the date herself.  Let's see if she follows through.

I love you.

Elder deJesus


"Ma boi, E. Rodriguez from Jensen, Philippines... otha boi Sourav...

  ...and ma otha otha brotha from anotha motha, Bala"

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