Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Dear P-day,

I love preparation day.  I look forward to it everyday.  We hardly ever prepare on that day.  All we do is goof off all day, for days.  For ejemplo, yesterday, we woke up early to play Ultimate Frisbee with the Short Hills Ward on a turf field, aka, we played Getting Yelled At By Brother Thomas.  He likes to yell at you when you're not as good as him, then tells you, "You should have been left flank!"  Then he tells everyone else on your team, "Don't pass it to deJesus."  Early-morning Frisbee is serious here.

After taking showers, we went to the skate park and learned how to ollie to impress all the skater kids smoking pot.  It was fun and I have the scars and bruises to prove it.

We then ate at Stewarts, a carhop place.  Afterward, we went to the shore at Perth Amboy to eat pizza, play beach volleyball, and bum in the sand.  It was hawt and phat.

Then we went to the mall.  I love Elder Traasdahl and Elder Lopez and Sister Shaw and Hermana Reed and Hermana Jarman and Elder McLain.  They are awesome.

I am enjoying the mission.  I get to play the ukulele.  Oh!  And Elder McLain and I taught a lesson entirely in Spanish.  We were trying to find a potential investigator of the Church in Avenel.  We found out that he wasn't home.  I received a prompting to knock on his neighbor's door.  A Hispanic man answered.  He said, "Pasen, elderes, pasen."  He went on to tell us that he spoke no English and about the rut that he and his family are in.  He was a returned missionary with a family in another country and used to be a Bishop twice and on and on.  We proceeded to share a message from the Libro de Mormon in Spanish and bore our testimonies.  He said that we were an answer to his prayers.  The Work is God's.

I love you all.  Please keep in touch!

Elder deJesus

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