Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

This week, I learned the importance of backing up your pictures.  We visited a special needs boy who loved taking pictures.  I gave him my camera so that he can shoot a few.  Unfortunately, he also shot my heart when all of my pictures--from my setting apart to last week--were deleted ):  I still love him though.  So there will be no pictures this week.
Monday, we went to the gym and got yoked.
Tuesday, we visited Bro. Pepe's house to help him and his wife paint.  They are so fun!!!  It's always sad to see people who are Church-active in their hearts but turned off by a member--in this case, a missionary long ago.  We also picked up 3 new investigators!
Odin's Day, we kept painting the Pepe's home and mooched off Italian food.  Chicken parm all the way.  Also, we had to be home earlier, like at 6, because we didn't want to be involved in any gang initiation rites.  Those are so boring.
Thor's Day, we celebrated Halloween with Settlers of Catan for the second night in a row.  It was Elder Walker's first Halloween here, although he had been on his mission for 22 months already!  Dag Hurricane Sandy!  Earlier in the day and against logical chronology since these elders are famished and it's distracting, we also taught Bernadette with Dr. Thomas.  Correction: Dr. Thomas taught Bernadette and brought us along.  He knows the scriptures so well and grills us about them!
Dia de Fritar was the branch party.  We ate chili and pie.
On Saturn's Day, I went with the other Filipino in our zone, Elder Rodriguez, and Rahameen, to visit Sis. Baxter in Newark (pronounced "nork").  Then we visited Bernadette.  She is always in a bad mood!  It's hard to teach her.  It's great to see, however, the change that the gospel brings to her.  After every visit, she tells us, "That lifted me."  That's what it's all about!
And Betty and Roger were confirmed on Sunday.  I also saw Emilce!  Too bad she's not in our area anymore....
Until next week.
Élder deJesús

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