Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weird Week

Pacquiao for life!

Well, this week was weird but enjoyable.  I received the most personal revelation and made the most changes than I have had in any week of my life!

Disclaimer: if you're not familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you might not understand a lot of the words I use.  I apologize, but it's the only way to explain it!  We worked a lot with the members of the Church here this week.

On Monday, we finished painting Sis. Hill's house for sale.  We are grateful for the Harrison elders', Elders Comish and Anding's (Comandishing's), help.  We might hang around them more often because this coming transfer, the Spanish elders, Elders Dabell and Sandoval, are getting doubled out of their area and our apartment!!!  That means that sisters are coming!  The sisters are coming!  They will be the first sisters in the Newark zone since many years ago, due to the dangerous environment.  The Lord must trust them a lot to be transferred here to the hood.

Next, we "visited the Roa family."  The quotation marks are there because we scheduled to visit them to have dinner but Bro. Roa suddenly drove us outside of our assigned area to visit the Almeida family.  President Almeida of the stake presidency gave us some news regarding the missionary work in the Scotch Plains Stake of New Jersey.  It is accelerating!  Prophecies are being fulfilled!

And then we ate pizza from La Pizza, you know, the pizza restaurant, La Pizza?  Not the other restaurant called La Pizza, but the pizza restaurant, La Pizza, from which we ate pizza.  Thanks, Bro. Roa, por la pizza de La Pizza!

We also discussed with Bro. Roa how people walk so slowly to cross streets.  He said, referring to the pedestrians, "Your pride will not stop my car."  That was Monday.  And we also made brownies before bed.

Tuesday was a surprise.  I wasn't ready to do an in-zone transfer, but went along with it.  That day was personally spiritual for me.  After going to regular meetings, the zone leaders announced that I was assigned to my area with Elder Guijarro, my favorite Mexican missionary.  Paisano!  Kababayan, haha!  We visited a couple of members, then went to North Newark, his area, so he can help one of their investigators make tacos.  We ended up just eating Peruvian green spaghetti with the investigators and Elders Packer and Noxon.  That was Elder Noxon's last hurrah, speaking Spanish, so I played some Banana Pancakes for him on the investigators' daughter's guitar.

That appointment was revelatory for me since I remembered all the times that I did exchanges into the Kearny and North Newark Spanish areas and the Spirit that I felt there.  The influence of the Holy Ghost was stronger there than it ever was in my English area.  I felt prompted to tell President Jeppson that I needed to be transferred to Spanish next transfer.  I also felt that I needed to prepare in English first.  I LOVE HISPANICS and green spaghetti!

We finished another project that Sis. Hill gave us on Wednesday morning.  Then we visited Kevin, who visits his fiancee every day in the same hospital that Bernadette was at.  Before we left, he wanted to pray with the people at the front desk.  They said that it was fine.  After the prayer, they said that they liked it and felt prompted to say their prayers more often.  Get that!  They are not members of our Church, but they believed in repenting to become more like Jesus Christ by praying more!

After that, we helped out the Harrison elders.  We drove them to their appointment, who cancelled, so they went to Burger King instead.  Rahameen was with them, that's why they went to Burger King.  He is a big guy.

On Thursday, we planned for the next week all day.  Then the Roas fed us roast beef.  Because of that, we missed correlation, but we found this awesome license plate on the sidewalk.

God filled our Friday with 5 appointments!

On Saturday, we moved in the Kearny sisters' furniture, but not after we witnessed the baptism of Nalleli, a 14-year-old girl who has been waiting for the longest time to be baptized into the Church.  She bore her testimony of the Church and baptism and her smile was so wide!  This is Jesus Christ's true Church!

We drove to the Portuguese apartment to take care of Elder Ramos, who was sick.  We took turns for a couple of hours watching him.  Elder Walker was the first to go out with the Ports, as we call them, then me.  When I went with them, we went to Tops Diner, which is a shiny building.  Tira misu is delicious.  I got to know Moche, who is a Jew-Mormon, and the Harrison elders better.

Yesterday, we had a linger-longer, which is just a fancy name for a potluck after church.  We took home a lot of turkey and Thanksgiving stuff.  Then we made potstickers at the Beacham's house with the Gaileys and Sis. Gailey's brother.

Anyway, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and the coming transfer.  My time is out!  Peace.  Keep in touch.

Elder deJesus

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