Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30

Familia, caballeros, y mamacitas,

It was actually two weeks ago that I ate half a chicken in one meal and I want to brag about that.  Hopefully, I haven't already mentioned it or else that would be embarrassing instead.  I love Brazilian food and Brazilians.

On Monday, we visited Emilce, who is sooo pregnant.  She is apparently sick every Sunday, which is why she didn't come to church.  Why is it so hard for pregnant women to understand that they need to partake of the sacrament weekly no matter how big an organism gets inside of their body??  Just kidding.  But she still needs to come to church.

Tuesday, we taught 4 lessons in a row.  It was a fantastic day!  We taught Alyah, Sis. Roa with the Pucha boy, Lisa at Gma. Jackie's, and Betty.  Lisa and Betty are progressing so well, but Alyah....  She needs support from her mom!

Wednesday, I was with Elder Dabell, one of the other missionaries in our apt who speaks Spanish.  I was able to speak more Spanish!  And this one baby, Benjamin, kept handing me his toys.  He would be sad when I didn't play with them.

Thor's day.  Elder Thompson and I visited with Alyah again, and it is so frustrating!!!  Parents need to teach their kids the gospel if they really love their kids!  Also they need to stop being less-active and chastize their punk sons who keep their little sisters from being baptized.

On Friday, I was on exchange with Elder Guijarro, finally outside of our apartment!  His area is North Newark Spanish walking, so I also got to ride the bus for the first time on my mission.  Three things I love about Newark: (1) every other person sports gnarly dredlocks, (2) there are people who actually (a) need canes or (b) carry canes (what we call "swag canes"), and (3) panhandlers.  Everyone there is so rude, haha!  At night, we exchanged girl stories.  Elder Guijarro dated four girls at the same time!  He is insane!!!

Saturday, we exchanged back, and the two Filipino elders in our district, Elder Rodriguez and I, sort of went on an exchange, meaning that we went to his apartment in Central Newark and I ate their food.  Then we switched back after Elder Thompson's zone/district leader meeting.  We had a rough day.

Yesterday was a miracle day.  Church was good.  We discussed parenting in Sunday school, which was funny.  But the testimonies in testimony meeting were so spiritual.  There were investigators who bore their testimonies about how the gospel has helped them.  What a great sacrament meeting!  We also visited Bro. Holzschuh, the young men leader who is not as intimidating as Elder Thompson presumed.  He gave us referrals.  We visited the Chinese people and they fed us Doritos and orange juice.

Anyway, it is a privilege to be at the front row seat of the salvation of the children of God!  We're about to leave for Walmart!


Elder deJesus

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