Monday, January 26, 2015

At Turkey Time, You Will Enjoy Free More Buy Now

Dear Recipient,

We played Turkey Bowl in the snow.  There were no turkeys nor bowls.

Thanksgiving was fabulous.  We ate dinner with Luticia and Mayara and their Brazilian family.  They played Escravos de Jo.  I played the piano for them.  I love Brazilians.

Escravos de Jo jogavam Caxanga.  Escravos de Jo jogavam Caxanga.  Tira, poe, deixa ficar.  Guerreiros com guerreiros fazem zig zig za.  Guerreiros com guerreiros fazem zig zig za.  Capoeira.

I met some members from East Brunswick who knew Elder Schrader, the Merchs.  His dad, his brother, and he married Brazilians and drive PT Cruisers.  I wanna serve in Brunswick!

We had what's called Traditions with the Taggarts, which is a lot like Jingle with the Jeppsons.  It was cool.  I love the Taggarts and have grown to respect them and accept them as my mission parents.

We may go to Dr. Chicken Shack today.  I am bummed that I don't get to go to Hna. Sartore's wedding....

Ooh!  We might baptize Margaret this week if she finds an apartment in the branch boundaries!  And we got so many investigators to church.  It's been amazing to count the many miracles that I've prayed for come into reality.

Elder deJesus

By the way, here's a couple guys.  After-turkey bowl pic of the missionaries I came out with; Gucci the mission dog, and Elder Schrader, Margaret, and I.

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