Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Annual Shove our Foods Down our Throats Week!

Dear T. Hanks,

It's the holidays.  Well, it's been the holidays since last week.  This coming week, we're gonna be fed like crazy.  The week is full of appointments and meetings.  Elder Schrader is going home.  It's going to go by too fast.  I already miss this coming week....

Yesterday was a good day at church.  We filled up the pews like pew-pew!  Boom.  We found two new investigators that wandered into the chapel.  I gave a talk at sacrament for the second week in a row.  A long-time member of the branch taught Gospel Doctrine for the first time while Elder Schrader and I helped her out.  Steve is still teaching Gospel Principles because he is a mudly stuffin, and his wife and girl too.  Then we taught the young men with Bro. Rowe.  There was a baptism and cake.  Oh, and the Portuguese branch fed us too.

I went on exchange on Saturday with Elder Thresher.  We hung around the most dangerous part of Newark.  If we gave out 1 cent to every panhandler that talked to us, I will never give money to panhandlers again.  Like, they're just liars, at least here in Newark.  It's just too bad for the actual needy.  That prolly sounds harsh, but they're capable of working.  You try to give them food, they say, "I want real food."  Gaaah!  But I still love the hood.  Anyways, I was on exchange.

We taught English to the Mozambique family.  We learned some portuguesh from Portugao.

We taught the Plan of Salvation to a family.  The mom had lost her faith in God because "He took him away from me."  She has been depressed for a year now.  We'll continue to support her.

I take back what I said about Spring Garden Branch.  Things are going better now.  There is still a lot of work to do, though.

Elder deJesus

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