Monday, January 26, 2015

Chancho Week


Whoever you are, share #ShareTheGift and with everyone, k?  The Church's goal is 220,000,000 views on YouTube by the end of December.

My word.  Time has gone by too fast.  One second, you step into the Missionary Training Center, the next you're going back to Idaho and farming potatoes.  I will miss my best friend, Elder Schrader.  It will be hard to get girls to flock to us when he leaves.

Because he's leaving, people have been feeding us all week.  I haven't had to make food for 7 whole days!  We are full and our fridge is stocked with members' food.  I gained 9 pounds.

Because he's leaving, my mind was caught on serious reflection upon eternal matrimony.  It's super close.  I just vomited in my mouth.  Next is grandchildren....

This past week, we finally taught Max and Maylyn, two solid investigators who have strong connections to the Church.  They came into sacrament meeting the other Sunday and told us that they want to be baptized.  So we said yes.  People are becoming more and more active in the Spring Garden Branch.  There are miracles everywhere.

This transfer, I'll be home for Christmas.

Elder deJesus

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