Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm Training!!!


I lied.  I'm training my fifth dying companion.  By the end of this transfer, I will have sent home five of my companions.  All the other ones are home already.  So, I lied.  I'm not training.

Also, I lied last week about being home for Christmas.  I won't be home for Christmas.  At least, my body won't be home for Christmas.  My mind has been home since the beginning of last transfer.  My departure date isn't until July of next year.  So, I will be home for Christmas...over Skype.

My new companion's name is Elder Johnson.  He is from Roy, Utah.  He is so British.  We tallied his British points this week; five people I introduced him to asked if he is British.  I said yes.

Elder Johnson has a tradition in his family.  They mix eggnog and Sprite or 7 Up.  Contrary to the common initial response, it is delicious.

It has been the busiest week I've had.  We are finding people like crazy.  I don't think I wrote about Bishop Brown yet, but he is the man.  He is from the Pentecostal church and wants to join our Church ever since his wife passed away.  We have been teaching him for a couple of weeks now.

Margaret will be baptized next Sunday!!!  She is so excited.

Yesterday was the mission English Christmas fireside.  People from all over New Jersey came to see it.  The missionaries sung regular carols.  The soloists performed Forgotten Christmas carols.  I performed, Joseph, a solo that was so low that it was awkward.  Seriously.  They chose the Forgotten Christmas Carols for us to sing.  There's a reason they were forgotten!  But Elder Dunn, the elderly missionary who organized the event, and his staff, did a fantastic job in the little time and the little resources they had.

I love this Work!

And I love you, random citizen.

Elder deJesus

P.S. I would have attached pictures, but.

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