Sunday, May 24, 2015

Apr 20, 2015 - Cwalwell


I feel unworthy to call you that now.  I have been transferred from the hood to Caldwell, which is just as good as Beverly Hills.  This is more appropriate:


Here is a ward that functions.  When we baptize someone, they will stay active.  Where is the challenge?  Who will I yell at now?  What will I yell?  My new companion has leaky gut, so he says I will have to eat his portion, double the food, double the weight gain.  Every member we visited has told us, "We gotta have you over for dinner."  What am I going to do now??  This is my worst nightmare.

We have a developing area.  We only have one investigator on a baptismal date.  We also received a referral last night.  I guess the challenge is there; we will accelerate the growth of this area by finding people to teach.

Before we taught that referral last night, we went to a mission-held fireside.  Sister Stout and I performed His Hands, which is a song that makes me cry.  As I looked over at the people we were performing for, people from Scotch Plains Stake that I have come to love after a year and a half in their service, I cried.  I will miss Jew Nersey.  My days as a missionary are almost over.


Elder deJesus

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