Sunday, May 24, 2015

Feb 2, 2015 - Freezing Rain

Ya guys,

We went outside of our apartment and found our car encased in an inch of ice.  We scraped it off using our bare fingernails and pushed the car about seventeen miles to the nearest dealership to hijack a new one, crossing only fourteen frozen fjords.  Life is tough here in Jersey, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  You don't know nothin bout guns, as they say.  But freezing rainis miserable.

But to-week, we went to Jersey City to fix our car.  Juneau the storm convinced the Pep Boys mechanics that they should not show up to work even when there wasn't even a storm....  We also went to a pet store and almost petted a few newborn chihuahuas.  Elder Johnson and I made shark tacos and enjoyed them.  We finished moving the rest of our stuff from the old apartment.

Our new apartment is in the basement.  It's cold.  The roof leaks.  The floor creaks.  There's a man-eating clam in the backyard.  18 Brill St Basement, Newark 07105 is the address, in case you want to send a cake or two.

As per the work, rules are changing.  We found a new investigator.  We should be baptizing people by the end of February.

Also, Betty came to church!!!  I was the happiest man!  That's one step closer to going to the temple with her.  I'm going to go with Margaret and Samantha as well before I leave this mission.


Elder deJesus

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